Virtual Production Solutions.

Live Tassel is a digital agency, providing virtual production solutions to governments, educational institutions and businesses.

Our services increase engagement, audience interaction and brand identity for live and pre-recorded digital content. Please take a look at what we offer below.


Virtual Graduation Experiences

Fully produced virtual graduation experiences for schools of all sizes.

Virtual Event Production & Support

We'll help you plan, produce, analyze and execute your virtual and hybrid/ in-person events.

Video Call Recording & Streaming

Record, stream and brand your Zoom calls, podcasts and video meetings.

Closed Captioning & Transcriptions

Post production video captioning, 8+ source-video languages, 99% accuracy.


For all inquiries please email


what are the costs?

Costs vary depending on the project. However, we show transparent price estimates throughout our services page. Please email us for a specific quote.

I have a last-minute project, can live tassel cover it?

We probably can! We have a team of digital media specialists on standby. Send us an email, all we’ll let you know for sure!