live tassel

Virtual graduation experience.

Live Tassel was developed to provide an online solution to the graduation ceremony. We have assembled a small team prepared to quickly deliver a virtual experience that will incorporate real-time interaction and a feeling of social presence.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, resulting in thousands of educational institutions across the United States canceling or postponing upcoming graduation ceremonies; LiveTassel is excited to partner with schools (K12- Higher Ed) to quickly deliver a meaningful virtual graduation experience.


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How much does a live tassel experience cost?

Each experience is built custom for your institution. Costs are generally $8/ graduating student plus $1,000 operation/ customization fee.

How long will it take live tassel to deliver

Live Tassel requires three weeks production time once all material is compiled.

Does live tassel work with high schools?

Yes! Live Tassel is prepared to work with educational institutions of all kinds and sizes.

Is live tassel, live?

Teachers, administrators, students and their loved ones will all enjoy the experience in real time via YouTube Premieres. While the program is pre-recorded, the YouTube premieres functionality gives a live feel with real-time engagement. Learn more about our process here.