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Virtual Graduation Experience.

Live Tassel has developed a suite of services that will allow our team to quickly plan and execute virtual graduation experiences that incorporate real-time interaction and a feeling of social presence. Please review the packages below and reach out if you have any questions — we’d love to work with you.

Our Clients

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Project Management Support

Live Tassel will assign a dedicated project manager who will consult with you on your programming needs. The project manager will work with you and your constituents to meet respective deadlines and to ensure your project is a success and final products are delivered on time.



Customer Service Support



Video Editing and Name Call Image Processing

Live Tassel will use all content generated (e.g. keynote speech, valedictorian speech, student pictures, etc.) to create a fully produced pre-recorded virtual graduation experience, custom to your institution. The ceremony will broadcast live via YouTube Premiers, accessed via your custom virtual graduation website, allowing live interaction. Custom graphic designs included.



Custom Virtual graduation website production and hosting

Direct all virtual graduation viewers to a custom site at a designated time/date so they can view the virtual graduation.



Mobile Production Tech

Live Tassel will dispatch a professional production technician to capture all of the necessary content on site either at your school site or a designated location. This will allow us to ensure that all content is of the highest quality. All production techs will follow cautionary guidelines to allow for maximum safety and social distancing of all parties involved with each shoot. 


Please email us for more information.

The Process

We have created the streamlined process outlined below for both clients and students to follow to ensure that everyone has all of the information necessary for a successful virtual graduation experience:

Step 1: Establish a virtual graduation committee made up of key stakeholders who can make decisions about the final product. This will be Live Tassel’s key contact group so we can align on administrative tasks and ensure your campus’ culture is captured in the virtual ceremony. 

Step 2: Work with Live Tassel to develop a run of show that is optimized for a condensed 60-min virtual experience. 

Step 3: Follow Live Tassel’s roadmap in order to:

    1. Coordinate production (e.g. collecting student names, pictures, etc.)
    2. Produce virtual content (e.g. valedictorian speeches, keynotes, panel discussions, etc.)
    3. Communicate logistics to all attendees.
    4. Once the final product is approved, Live Tassel will host the virtual experience via YouTube premieres–accessed via the custom virtual graduation website. The pre-recorded program will play at a designated time for authentic interaction and live engagement.

Please note that we typically require a total of 5-7 weeks to fully plan and execute a virtual graduation experience.





Project Management & Planning

per school



per ceremony


Video Editing & Name Call Processing

per student


Website Development & Hosting

per website


Mobile Production Tech

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For all inquiries please email